30 May 2011

The BPM Breakfast w/ Thristian 18th May 2011

Big Al and Wayne from Cool Bwoy Fiyah Bredrin come in to spread some light on there Trip from London to Mongolia in an Ambulance.

Ben Westbeech also came in to round up the Allen Road takeover...... but some of the bits he played were exclusive tester bits from his new project on Strictly Rhythm, and his bass heavy alter ego Breach.

He didn't let us record it tho'.

Hyetal / Transmission // Black Acre

Theo Parrish / Solitary Flight // Sound Signature

Lorez Alexandria / Baltimore Oriole // Soul Jazz

Michael James Kirkland / Baby I Need Your Loving / Ubiquity

Fatima / Mind / Eglo Records

Mos Def / Got // Rawkus

Bobby Hutchinson / Little B’s Poem / Blue Note

Jackie Mittoo / Ayatollah / Basic Replay

Rokia Traore / Mariama / Un-Restricted Access

Theo Parrish / Summertime Is Here // Sound Signature

Dauwd / Shimmer / Pictures

Morphosis / Gates Of Night // Delsin Records

Silkie / Lucky Master // Forthcoming on Deep Medi

Digital Mystiks / Anti-War Dub / Deep Medi

Smoke Me a Kipper in the Studio
LDN >> Mongolia mix

Martin Kratochvil & Jazz Q / Toledo / Andy Votel Comp. Cherry Red Records – (Czech)

Anna Adamis and Gabor Presser – Ringasd el magad no.2 – Finderskeepers Records

Selda/ Ince Ince// Finderskeepers

Mustafa Ozkent/ Burcak // finders keepers

Mehrpouya / Soul Raya // Pemegranetes 

MA2 / Hearing Is Believing // Jungle Warfare

Red Light / Coca Cola // Jungle Warfare

Scientist / Dance Of The Vampires / Greensleaves

Cutty Rank / Original Rude Boy Style // Fasion

Wu Tang Method Man / M-E-T-H-O-D Man // BMG

Quasimoto / Basic Instinct // Stones throw

Godsy / For Never and Never 

Mooodyman / Freeki Mutha F*cker // KDJ

Ben Westbeach aka Breach