7 March 2011

Selection Session 001

The good folk at the recently relaunched Bar A Bar have kindly invited us to throw down some shapes on their Funktion One powered soundsystem.

.... and we gladly obliged.

The idea is to invite a few friends and selctors to come down each month and share their selections.

"2 x turntables a mic and some selectors"

We kick off this Friday with Morgan Zarate and ACyde (THE SHINING), who are by now elder statesmen with notable stripes including The Most Influencial, The Spacek Soundsytem, Trading Places and releases on HyperDub. Productions from this duo are on the horizon, and no doubt there'll be a few exlcusives tested on the Bar A Bar soundsystem.

We've also asked DJ Tayo, who's held down residencies at FabricLive, was an original New DJ we Trusted on Radio One, and can be found filling in for Sinden on Kiss FM. He's promised to dig out his Strictly Rhythm vinyl for the session.

Last, and by absolutely no means least. Blue Daisy steps up! Representing the new breed, his haunting cross between Hip Hop and Dubstep have been making waves for the past couple of years. He promises to loose the  mask, and present an amalgamation of Hip and Dub for the Session.


Make sure your on the list, otherwise you'l find it hard to get in >> http://eepurl.com/cTu8M

or click attending on the Facebook page