30 May 2010

DALSTON >> BROOKLYN // June 3rd // Party Expo

A party brought to you by Hold Box Flat, Platform Magazine, and Gabriel Pryce. Music from both sides of the ocean, grass is always greener, etc etc etc

Room One (hosted by Hold Box Flat)
Sepalcure (HotFlush)
Pursuit Grooves ||LiVE|| (Tectonic)
The bPm (Brownswood / Soul Jazz)

Room Two (Hosted by Platform Magazine & Gabriel Pryce)
Dj Roctakonm
Andrew Kuo
Tim Barber (tinyvices)
Gabriel Pryce & Max Barbaria

XPARTY EXPOX, 929 Broadway (J/M/Z to Myrtle), Brooklyn, New York. [MAP]


RSVP ESSENTIAL (no rsvp = no entry) darkness@holdboxflat.com
or click "attend" on FACEBOOK



Illustration by Daniel David Freeman

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